Theatre in Central Iowa


With performance listings for OVER THIRTY different theatre groups within roughly a half-hour radius of Des Moines, here is your complete source for live theatre in Central Iowa.

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Check out our Inside the Production articles for background information on the people, projects, and performances in the area.

There are also links to Kyle Bochart's Des Moines Backstage podcast, with more behind the scenes information on upcoming shows.

Looking for shows from a particular group and venue?  Find a list of the Theatre Companies featured here, with links to all their own sites.  

Plus, just in case you're interested, you can read the "murderous" tale of Why We're Here, and how the idea of A Gentle Guide came to be.  

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In the meantime, enjoy your visit, and then go enjoy the diversity, wonder, and magic of Central Iowa live theatre -- all found here in A Gentle Guide.