A Chorus Line

  • What I Did For Love

    Img 835Here's the second of two articles on the upcoming production of A Chorus Line, opening next weekend at the Des Moines Playhouse. While the first piece was all about getting the show ready for its journey, now it's time to see how the performers are going to take the voyage. And, like their characters, this incredible cast truly feels theatre is their one true love. And they've worked more than you know.

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  • Five, Six, Seven, Eight!

    Img 0825The Des Moines Playhouse presents the iconic theatre musical A Chorus Line beginning September 8. Groundbreaking when it first premiered, it tells the stories of the aspiring performers hoping to become part of a Broadway show. People who aren't involved in the theatre world have no idea how truly hard it is to become part of such an endeavor. And the road to the local production has its own challenges.

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  • The Summer 10

    Img 0675Days are longer, warmer, and perhaps not quite as full of theatre, but it's also the time for those groups that do their one big show during the summer months. It's a trade-off that means a few more big-cast musicals, plus some special events that only happen while school's out and schedules are a bit clearer. Here's a list of ten shows coming up in the next few months that you can look forward to.

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