A Christmas Carol

  • A Christmas Carol - A Ghost Story of Christmas

    E841833e b40b 45d4 8acc a1a502d88e41That’s a bit more of a title than you might be used to seeing for the yearly Iowa Stage production of A Christmas Carol. But even for a classic story of Ebenezer Scrooge, things sometimes change, and that’s what’s happening with this year’s presentation. Opening next weekend at the Stoner Studio Theatre inside the Civic Center, A Christmas Carol - A Ghost Story of Christmas is an entirely new production of the traditional story for Iowa Stage.


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  • Ghosts of Christmas Carols Past

    333c615e d542 4bc0 b3a1 3d723aa6ccfaA tradition of the holiday season is A Christmas Carol. While no less than 5 different area groups are doing variations of the classic tale of Scrooge and his late night visitors this season, the real legacy version is being presented by Iowa Stage. Carrying on the tradition of years past from Repertory Theatre of Iowa, A Christmas Carol has more than its share of continuity and history.

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  • Embracing the Chaos

    Cea76fd6 489b 45b0 ab38 fe0f43071665Some theatre productions are designed like a carefully oiled machine - perfectly planned, and executed with no faults or error. Others are more welcoming of their imperfections, and use those moments as inspiration and creativity. But all theatre people have had that one show that seemed to be where disaster is the default for the show, where mistakes and mishaps are all you can see. And what you hoped to be a shiny present becomes A Christmas Chaos.

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