Adam Yankowy

  • Sunday on the Rocks

    62d23418 8a25 42d1 9d32 f6da1a506c06Next weekend is the final show of the Drake school year. Sunday on the Rocks by Theresa Rebeck features four women, each with their own problems (and differing approaches to life), learning from each other and learning about themselves. Directed by Adam Yankowy, the show has been a window onto the world of challenges and struggles any woman could face in the future... and how to face them with friends and understanding.

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  • Crazed Creations

    Img 0394Opening this weekend is the long-awaited DM Playhouse production of the Mel Brooks' musical Young Frankenstein. The beloved Gene Wilder movie is a classic, and the movie has become a fantastic and song-filled laugh fest. Numerous local favorites are involved in bringing this show (and monster!) to life, including Charlie Reese as Dr. Frankenstein and Adam Yankowy as his formerly dead Creation.

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