Bob Filippone

  • Saturday Showtime!

    1eabd7a1 36eb 4e3d bfa5 7ed121a2b415Des Moines has a thriving musical theatre community, with an amazing amount of talent and opportunity to perform that simply isn’t found in other cities our size. And even if you don’t have the schedule that allows for the time and dedication needed to put on a typical musical, there is still a place to get your showtunes on. Noce’s Saturday Late-Nite slot is a musical theatre lover’s dreamtime, with a chance to be a star yourself.

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  • Life is a Cabaret at Noce

    Noce KaraokeOne part of the New York Theatre scene had never really been transferred to Des Moines... until this year.  While New York has wonderful small nightclubs like 54 Below, Des Moines now has Noce Jazz Cabaret - which features a new way to experience your local theatre favorites, and even become part of the show yourself!

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