Brenton Brown

  • The Sound of the Community

    6da86355 c1ba 4dcd 9153 0e6904f05bbcThe musical Ragtime opens April 6 at the Des Moines Community Playhouse. It tells the stories of people from three different cultures all attempting to make a home in New York City at the beginning of the last century, filled with tuneful songs in the diverse styles of those times. And the man who brings it all together for this production of Ragtime is the Playhouse’s longtime Musical Director, Brenton Brown.

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  • Becoming Part of That World

    B72fe51a 26cc 4d2e a85e e51cd4dcdc09Disney’s The Little Mermaid is now a recognized classic, and the theatrical version helped start a Disney revolution on stage. The Des Moines Playhouse brings the underwater musical to children of all ages for the month of December. For two stars of this production, this is their first opportunity to be on the Playhouse mainstage, guided by the sure hand of veteran director Maxwell Schaeffer. For the young performers, it’s their chance to be, as the lyric goes, “part of that world.”

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