Carl Lindberg

  • Fuddy Meers

    Fuddy Meers logoDMACC Ankeny has been constantly building up their theatre program since the arrival of Program Chair Carl Lindberg in the Spring of 2017. Since then, they’ve expanded into offering more classes and shows per year, co-productions with Grand View University, entering the annual 7-11 Theatre Project, and a “Shortened Shakespeare” presentation outdoors each summer. Their next production is Fuddy Meers, opening at the DMACC Ankeny Black Box Theatre on campus March 1.

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  • The Comedy of Errors

    2c5ba0df f1dd 48a6 a14e 75d74ccdb79cDMACC Ankeny has started a new tradition of Summer Short Shakespeare. Free for the public, it is an edited version of one of Shakespeare’s plays, performed outdoors and running about 75 minutes. For some of the students, it can be their first exposure to the Bard and his works, and it’s also a nice bite-sized chunk for patrons unfamiliar with his work. Opening next week, this year’s production is The Comedy of Errors.

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  • Stamp of Approval

    9cf7dfe5 75e5 4e39 a0a9 1f7ed7715424Ever heard of Mauritius? It’s a tiny island country in the middle of the Indian Ocean. The “Blue Mauritius” postage stamp (issued when Mauritius was still a British colony) is one of the world’s oldest and rarest, and worth a fortune. And the play Mauritius (being presented next week by DMACC Ankeny) concerns possession of a valuable stamp collection, and the shifting alliances and choices the desperate characters make to get what they want.

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