Davida Williams

  • Intimate Apparel

    9d5144aa 01d9 4ddc b92b 5f612c3f8dc9Next Friday at the Stoner Theatre, Pyramid Theatre Company opens their production of Intimate Apparel. Written by two-time Pulitzer Prize winner Lynn Nottage, Intimate Apparel is a show that Pyramid’s Artistic Director Tiffany Johnson had been wanting to present to Des Moines audiences from the very start of the organization’s history.

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  • The Truth of the Matter

    792b5fff f7f3 4f72 8511 238a11da5d19All we’re sure of is that an awful thing happened near Dead Dog Park. Was it a terrible accident? Or a deliberate act? An unfortunate fall, or was the young boy pushed from the fourth-story of an abandoned building? The cop says one thing, the family says another, and the boy in the hospital bed is too injured to talk. What really happened? What is the truth?

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