Emily Davis

  • No Box Necessary

    522557e4 815e 43b2 91f5 a6e7813d193eHedwig and the Angry Inch is a journey unlike almost any theatre experience out there, and in the hands of Kata Klysmic Productions, their presentation is likely to be creative, unusual, and anything but mundane. In other words, combine Hedwig and Kata Klysmic, and (as Director Emily Davis puts it) you’re not just thinking “out of the box.” You’ve completely removed the box from the equation!!

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  • Creatures of the Night

    3cbf196c 1487 4b4b 858e e86a9e0459e8When you’re known as the group that will put on the wildest shows in town, an annual theatre presentation of The Rocky Horror Show would be considered almost a necessity. And that’s exactly what Kata Klysmic Productions is doing, starting October 20th and going through October 29th. Halloween weekend.... how fitting! I’m shivering with antici...... pation!

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  • To Be Seen, Heard, and Respected

    Img 0794Starting August 17, Kata Klysmic Productions presents The Vagina Monologues at The Garden Nightclub. Performed in the round, it is a series of intimate and personal scenes relating to the female experience. While it talks about a number of issues that are often socially uncomfortable or unseen, the words and performances are powerful, important, and need to be heard and respected.

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