I Never Saw Another Butterfly

  • The History of Butterflies

    C4070fdf 9deb 49b6 be4a 5eb70a25c406Des Moines Young Artists’ Theatre has never shied away from stories with hard truths. I Never Saw Another Butterfly (opening at the Stoner Theatre on February 9) is about one of the harshest events of human history, the World War II internment of German political and religious prisoners. In the Theresienstadt (Terezin) concentration camp in Czechoslovakia, thousands lost their lives and families were torn apart. And still hope persisted, thanks to... butterflies.

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  • The Winter 10

    Img 0360It’s about to turn chilly again here in Iowa, which is one more excuse to find a nice comfy theatre and go see a show! Here at the Gentle Guide, we’ve scanned the next three wintery months to find some of the performances you just might want to start making plans to see. There’s a large variety, from musicals and parodies, to dramas both classic and new. No matter what you’re interested in, there’s something you’ll love coming up in central Iowa.

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