Jenna Darsee

  • HOPE! Drama Troupe

    Hope logoWhether you are religious or not, the holidays are a great time for family, friends, and feeling loved. But unfortunately that’s not true for everyone, even the youngest amongst us. There are children right here in Central Iowa who deal with abuse and violence, even under the guise of love and care. It’s a confusing time to be growing up, and identifying those troublesome situations is hard when you’re actually involved. The HOPE Drama Troupe is bringing a bit more light to a dark world, and a bit more understanding to all.

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  • Little Christmas on the Prairie

    A99a36e6 f0e8 457a a924 a81d723b4fcbThe holidays are coming, and the Kate Goldman Children’s Theatre has the first seasonal production of the year premiering next weekend. A Little House Christmas is based on various holiday stories taken from the beloved book series about a family living on the prairie, focusing on young daughter Laura and her life growing up. Family, friends, and the importance of loving each other are the saving graces in a time that was more difficult, but still full of laughter and joy.

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