Jonathan deLima

  • Shaking the Foundations

    A64693fe f9bb 47ae 889b 3792e423aa0bNext weekend sees the opening of The Christians. Iowa Stage is presenting this modern drama at the Kum & Go Theatre, looking at faith and belief systems and how they relate to human interaction in our current times. The Christians isn’t about debunking faith, or reaffirming a religion centuries old. It’s about what we believe about ourselves and each other, and how we fit those ideas into a world that’s changing at an amazing rate.

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  • Debut of Des Moines Backstage Podcast

    Kyle BochartListen to a brand new podcast all about local theatre.  Host Kyle Bochart and this week's co-host Josh Visnapuu talk to the cast and director of StageWest's Hand to God, opening this weekend.

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