Lauren Malcomson

  • Elf - the Musical

    Bad468b2 42b5 4685 a1a0 902ab973a9a6The Des Moines Playhouse opens their holiday family-friendly mainstage musical next Friday, and this year they’re going all in on the yuletide merriment. Elf - the Musical opens Friday November 30, and runs weekends up until the day before Christmas Eve. The story of Buddy the Elf and his discovery of the world beyond the North Pole is a great modern tale using familiar traditions to show all of us how wonderful holiday spirit can be.

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  • Creatures of the Night

    3cbf196c 1487 4b4b 858e e86a9e0459e8When you’re known as the group that will put on the wildest shows in town, an annual theatre presentation of The Rocky Horror Show would be considered almost a necessity. And that’s exactly what Kata Klysmic Productions is doing, starting October 20th and going through October 29th. Halloween weekend.... how fitting! I’m shivering with antici...... pation!

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