Maddie Ripperger

  • Pieces of the Past

    54feb2fd 97a6 40a2 a4c8 41501a247bb3Drake University’s final show of the school year is A Piece of My Heart. Set during and after the Vietnam War, it follows the stories of six women and their interactions with the war. No one is ever prepared for what that kind of monumental conflict will mean when one has to confront it for the first time... let alone the toll it takes on the self, loved ones, and even complete strangers in the years afterwards.

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  • Theatre for the Young in Years

    3e45e4f4 6a7d 4f81 9177 05ec6b0f877dWe all started our theatre passion somewhere, and it’s wonderful when it can start with the very young. The Kate Goldman Children’s Theatre at the Des Moines Playhouse presents the first new production of 2018 with Elephant & Piggie:  We Are in a Play! The children’s book characters are brought to life with music and dance (and even some audience interaction). It’s a great way for the very young (and their loved ones) to come and experience a show.

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