One Actor One Writer One Week

  • Behind the Curtain

    Bce684c2 ecd5 44c2 a271 e5d9afb14bd9Lots of things going on in the local theatre scene lately, but many of them may not be apparent to the typical patron in the fifth row seat. Most of what is happening is behind the scenes, but it affects what kind of shows you’ll be seeing and where they will happen. So here’s a bunch of different news items that you might want to be aware of.

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  • ONE Shot to push GO!

    Img 0440An event heralded as ONE might, you would think, be a solitary thing. And yet, the truth is that for the past five years, One Actor One Writer One Week has been the result of the creative efforts of many, many people. Actors are paired with writers, and then, only a week later, they present their creative efforts for all to see... for one night only. Hear from organizer Karen Swanson about this "singular" event.

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  • The Spring 10

    Spring 10Winter weather barely showed up this past year, which really just gave all of us the chance to get out and see more great Iowa theatre. Now Spring is here, bringing with it opportunities to experience a whole new slate of shows. Here are some of the must-see presentations, hidden gems, and other theatre events you may not be aware of... yet! Plus.. a birthday party??

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