Rachel Meyer

  • Billy Elliot

    2819f03c 7b8e 47a3 839c 81c705df5dbfAfter a summer away from home, the Des Moines Playhouse starts their centennial season with a production of the musical Billy Elliot. It’s about a boy who loves to dance, and how he deals with friends and family who don’t necessarily share his dreams. Opening October 5, it’s the first show in the newly remodeled mainstage space at the Playhouse, which is the culmination of even more dreams.

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  • No Box Necessary

    522557e4 815e 43b2 91f5 a6e7813d193eHedwig and the Angry Inch is a journey unlike almost any theatre experience out there, and in the hands of Kata Klysmic Productions, their presentation is likely to be creative, unusual, and anything but mundane. In other words, combine Hedwig and Kata Klysmic, and (as Director Emily Davis puts it) you’re not just thinking “out of the box.” You’ve completely removed the box from the equation!!

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