Rapture Blister Burn

  • Moving the Line

    801458d3 d6e3 4745 92f5 dd51e46cc66dIn Rapture, Blister, Burn (being presented by Iowa Stage at the Kum & Go Theatre starting May 10), friends confront their choices in life, each wondering what might have happened if they’d followed another path. But some paths are chosen, and others are decided upon because of outside influences. Director Kristin Larson and her cast dramatize those journeys, and wonder how you get from here to there when the world keeps moving the finish line.

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  • The Spring Dozen for 2018

    0f4aa9b6 1b1a 4015 833a 91914c0942d8Warmer weather heralds a new list of productions on the horizon. Typically I feature ten upcoming shows for the season, but there are so many great shows in the next few months that I expanded the list to twelve (and still ended up combining a few!) The hard part is finding time to see them all! Here’s a list of some of the terrific theatre coming your way very soon here in Central Iowa!!

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