Robert John Ford

  • Six-on-Six: the Musical

    3dbf74e4 9c49 4567 b9ba c55e529e81ffThere’s a rich history of girls’ basketball here in Iowa. Since almost a century ago, the month of March meant the Iowa High School Girls’ Basketball tournament, and the unique game of six-on-six basketball. Playwright Robert John Ford grew up here in Iowa, and although the six-on-six version ended in 1993, that wildly popular sport is part of his history. His theatrical creation, SIX-ON-SIX: THE MUSICAL, opens next weekend for a new run at the Staplin Center in West Des Moines.

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  • Iowa Proud

    51d550c7 b8bc 40bd b0d9 5f67c18c0c72For those who have grown up here, Iowa has always been a special place. Playwright and composer Robert John Ford has lived and worked here in Iowa for years, and his observations have resulted in UTOPIA. Written with a keen eye and loving humor, UTOPIA presents sketches and songs sure to bring a knowing smile to audiences near and far.

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