Shawn Wilson

  • Ghosts of Christmas Carols Past

    333c615e d542 4bc0 b3a1 3d723aa6ccfaA tradition of the holiday season is A Christmas Carol. While no less than 5 different area groups are doing variations of the classic tale of Scrooge and his late night visitors this season, the real legacy version is being presented by Iowa Stage. Carrying on the tradition of years past from Repertory Theatre of Iowa, A Christmas Carol has more than its share of continuity and history.

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  • Still Lives in Motion

    86c93abb 2428 48eb b24f 565cec3b5639Although you don’t think about it when you are watching a movie, a strip of film is just a bunch of still pictures projected in series, and the apparent “motion” is what our brain sees when these slightly different snapshots are shown at speed. Life is like that too, as a series of discrete moments connected by our experiences into a (hopefully) cohesive whole.

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