Taylor Anne Weaver

  • Music Weaver

    25d88e63 5896 415b 9fff 35bbfd3f0bbeThe Late-Nite Cabaret at Noce this weekend features local favorite Taylor Anne Weaver, performing for her second time in the theatre-oriented singing slot. Taylor has been incredibly busy this year with a significant number of ventures, and now gets to add one more. And while a great many people know how to sing, few can do it as well or as satisfyingly as Taylor. It’s been a part of her whole life, and this Saturday night she gets to share it again with everyone.

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  • Company Time

    Company stairsThe brand new Iowa Stage Theatre Company makes its debut with a stellar production of Stephen Sondheim’s Company, opening September 22 at the Kum & Go Theatre. There’s a lot of hard work that goes into a show like this, and even more when it’s the opening show for a brand new organization. Iowa Stage is making sure their first steps are the right ones.

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