Taylor Anne Weaver

  • Ordinary Days

    Ordinary Days PosterWhenever anyone over the last few months has asked me what “can’t miss” show is coming up, my reply has been “You HAVE to see Ordinary Days!” This year’s Dream Project production from Tallgrass Theatre Company is one of the best musicals most people have never heard of. And with a stellar cast and production team, there’s absolutely nothing ordinary about Ordinary Days.

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  • Music Weaver

    25d88e63 5896 415b 9fff 35bbfd3f0bbeThe Late-Nite Cabaret at Noce this weekend features local favorite Taylor Anne Weaver, performing for her second time in the theatre-oriented singing slot. Taylor has been incredibly busy this year with a significant number of ventures, and now gets to add one more. And while a great many people know how to sing, few can do it as well or as satisfyingly as Taylor. It’s been a part of her whole life, and this Saturday night she gets to share it again with everyone.

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  • Company Time

    Company stairsThe brand new Iowa Stage Theatre Company makes its debut with a stellar production of Stephen Sondheim’s Company, opening September 22 at the Kum & Go Theatre. There’s a lot of hard work that goes into a show like this, and even more when it’s the opening show for a brand new organization. Iowa Stage is making sure their first steps are the right ones.

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