Taylor Millar

  • Six-on-Six: the Musical

    3dbf74e4 9c49 4567 b9ba c55e529e81ffThere’s a rich history of girls’ basketball here in Iowa. Since almost a century ago, the month of March meant the Iowa High School Girls’ Basketball tournament, and the unique game of six-on-six basketball. Playwright Robert John Ford grew up here in Iowa, and although the six-on-six version ended in 1993, that wildly popular sport is part of his history. His theatrical creation, SIX-ON-SIX: THE MUSICAL, opens next weekend for a new run at the Staplin Center in West Des Moines.

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  • Romeo & Juliet

    23b1d4f5 c0c3 47f7 bcaf 8d9407bdbdf8One of the highlights of the summer theatre season is the annual Shakespeare on the Lawn presentation from Iowa Stage at the Salisbury House and Gardens. This year’s production (running June 13 - 17) is the classic love story of Romeo and Juliet. Such iconic characters in such a classic venue means much work and dedication from those two lovers, and Taylor Millar and Benjamin Sheridan can’t wait for their opportunity at these roles.

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