The Vagina Monologues

  • To Be Seen, Heard, and Respected

    Img 0794Starting August 17, Kata Klysmic Productions presents The Vagina Monologues at The Garden Nightclub. Performed in the round, it is a series of intimate and personal scenes relating to the female experience. While it talks about a number of issues that are often socially uncomfortable or unseen, the words and performances are powerful, important, and need to be heard and respected.

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  • The Summer 10

    Img 0675Days are longer, warmer, and perhaps not quite as full of theatre, but it's also the time for those groups that do their one big show during the summer months. It's a trade-off that means a few more big-cast musicals, plus some special events that only happen while school's out and schedules are a bit clearer. Here's a list of ten shows coming up in the next few months that you can look forward to.

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