Tom Perrine

  • Have You Heard...?

    A6c1103d 5598 4b42 9a94 31c2b2af3028This coming weekend sees the premiere of the final show in Tallgrass Theatre Company’s season, Neil Simon’s Rumors. A comedy of manners and misinformed party guests, the hilarious farce is based on certain characters concealing information, often less than successfully. Conversely, Tallgrass Theatre is trying very hard to do the exact opposite when it comes to their theatre offerings. Spreading the word about their productions is a lot more than just starting a “rumor.”

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  • The Icing on the Sledgehammer

    1aad550a d51c 4357 8c94 40437e3f61d8The suspense-thriller Misery (based on the book by Stephen King and subsequent Oscar-winning movie) is the latest offering by the Des Moines Playhouse. Opening January 26, this stage adaptation features some of the best and most experienced talent in the city, bringing to life a tale of obsession and desperation. Micheal Davenport, Preshia Paulding, and director John Viars combine to create an intense journey into a world of tension and terror.

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  • The Essence of Art

    Souvenir_2Art is extremely subjective. Especially performance art, like music and theatre. Is it defined by technical expertise? Interpretation? The experience of the performer or the experience of the audience receiving the art? All these things and more are part of Noce's presentation of Souvenir, the story of Florence Foster Jenkins, a woman who had plenty of enthusiasm for music... and a "creative" sense of tone and expression.

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