Tom Woldt

  • Brilliant Traces

    F887df7a d129 485c 9553 bd16e5c63ac0Earlier this year, TheatreMidwest joined the ranks of area theatre companies with their first show, The Friendly Hour. In January, they start their second season of full productions with a presentation of Brilliant Traces, a comedy/drama that takes place in an isolated Alaskan cabin, where two strangers each discover there are better ways to live than just hiding from the world... and where emotional truths can finally be confronted.

    The character of Rosanna (played by Jami Bassman Ahart) stumbles into the remote cabin, after having runaway from her own wedding. It’s now been days, her car has finally broken down, and yet she’s still in her wedding dress, blindly just trying to escape her potential life and future. She meets Henry (played by Jami’s real-life husband Tom Ahart), the loner occupant of the cabin who has escaped his own life for the solitude of the wilderness. After more than a few struggles, the two seem to come to their own understanding, and perhaps their own version of love....


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  • The Friendly Hour

    Friendly Cast bwThere’s a new face in the area theatre scene. TheatreMidwest presents The Friendly Hour, opening May 9 and running for one weekend at the Viking Theatre at Grand View University. With a focus on representing life in the midwest and giving voice to women and other under-represented groups, the organization’s choice of inaugural presentation is telling.


    The Friendly Hour is the story of a women’s group in South Dakota, and is taken from 70 years of history and the records of their meetings. We see the changes in society and in attitudes through the cast of five women (one of whom plays multiple roles). Growth, compassion, challenges, and simple connection are all on display, as these women face battles large and small through the years. Usually alongside a tasty lunch....


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