Fuddy Meers

Fuddy Meers logoDMACC Ankeny has been constantly building up their theatre program since the arrival of Program Chair Carl Lindberg in the Spring of 2017. Since then, they’ve expanded into offering more classes and shows per year, co-productions with Grand View University, entering the annual 7-11 Theatre Project, and a “Shortened Shakespeare” presentation outdoors each summer. Their next production is Fuddy Meers, opening at the DMACC Ankeny Black Box Theatre on campus March 1.


Fuddy Meers concerns Claire, a woman who has a rare form of psychogenic amnesia. Her memory is erased whenever she falls asleep, requiring her to relearn about herself and her life every day. You would think every day would be similar, discovering the same things over and over. But as the play opens, today is the one day that’s going to be “different” in many, many ways....

Macey BrackinMacey Brackin plays Claire, and is discovering an amazing amount herself. “I have been acting since I was about 7, in Lucas and Wayne county. When I came to DMACC I was so excited to finally have an opportunity to experience theatre in a new environment, along with people that felt the same way I do about theatre. Since beginning rehearsals, I have learned a lot about myself, and have learned more about theatre on a more intense and exciting level.”


As Claire, Brackin isn’t the only one dealing with the unknown in this production. Alex Brown (affectionately known as “Brownie” to everyone in the theatre department) is the Assistant Director for Fuddy Meers. Following Lindberg’s lead as Director, Brownie is getting to stretch his own muscles in a new way.

“This is my first time Assistant Directing here at DMACC. The decision came from just wanting a new experience. I got a taste of directing with our 7-11 scene last fall. That kind of helped push into making the decision to Assistant Direct. In a way this all comes full circle, my first semester here at DMACC I was on the crew team as Assistant Stage Manager, now this being my final semester at DMACC, I’m back on the crew team as Assistant Director.”

Alex Brown DMACC AnkenyDirecting means starting a bit earlier in the process than actors typically do. After all, a director has to cast the piece in the first place. So Brownie got to experience auditions from the OTHER side of the table for the first time. “To be on the other side of the fence was kind of crazy at times, certain things start to click with the process. For example, when Carl and I sat down to cast Fuddy Meers, it was strange to me at first, I wasn’t going to be waiting for a cast list to go up. Instead I was a part of the decision making for the list, which was eye opening to me. While you always know there is a lot that goes into casting, you never fully know the depth that goes into casting until you’re a part of that process. I feel that will stick with me as time goes on.”

Fuddy Meers rehearsal 1Brownie is now responsible for an entire ensemble, rather than the singular actor point-of-view of just an individual performance. “Being responsible for an entire cast instead of one character is pretty crazy at times. Now instead of focusing on what my character may want or how the scene works for my character, I have to look at it through different eyes. Now I look at how the scene can work for everyone, and what ideas can I bring to the table that can bring that image of how the scene could work to life. This has really been an incredible, eye-opening experience for me thus far.”


Brackin is ready for the experience of Fuddy Meers, and wants everyone to join her. “I really hope that the audience feels as though they’re on this journey with me, as we will on the same boat of not knowing the truth about who Claire is and why she has no memory. Though the show is super hilarious at times, it will also tug on your heart strings. I want the audience to come in with an open mind and to be ready for a crazy ride.”

“I am extremely proud of this mega talented cast and crew. It’s been an amazing journey and I am so grateful to Carl for giving me a chance. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.”

Fuddy Meers rehearsal 2Brownie’s journey has been memorable as well, as he looks back on Fuddy Meers as possibly his last DMACC show for his career. Even though it’s Brownie’s last semester at DMACC Ankeny, he has no regrets, and is delighted to have see everything happen in his time here. “I’ve been a part of the program here at DMACC since I started in the spring of 2017 (which was also Carl Lindberg’s first semester here as well) and I have seen the program grow over time.”

”It has truly been a wonderful journey here as the time has gone on, and being a part of the growing process here has been amazing. I love to see how big this program has gotten, and how much it is still growing. As time goes on, I feel this program will be something that people loo for, and people really know about. Give it time, DMACC Theatre is a force that’s just building up and will just continue to grow.”

Fuddy Meers opens on Friday, March 1 at the Black Box Theatre on the DMACC Ankeny Campus, Building 5. It runs for two weekends, with a matinee on Sunday March 3. Also, Fuddy Meers is rated-R, so judge accordingly. Admission is FREE, but it is recommended to email theatre@dmacc.edu to reserve seats.

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