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Img 0043Hey, it seems like there's no news forever, and then all of a sudden everyone announces everything at the same time. We've got information on this year's Cloris Awards for local community theatre, the annual 7-11 theatre festival, the future of Scriptease, and something you may not be aware of called Pecha Kucha!! Check out all the announcements that came out just this week!!

Img 0043Cloris Awards

So, the time, date, and venue have been announced for the Cloris Awards. At 6:30 pm on Sunday night, August 27, the best and the brightest of Des Moines area community theatre will celebrate the past year's productions and performers. Since last year's awards were so popular that they overflowed the Kum & Go Theatre, this year they are moving to a bigger location, the beautiful Hoyt Sherman Auditorium! Plenty of room for the everyone involved and interested in the growing theatre scene here in central Iowa!! Tickets for the Cloris Awards are on sale at the Hoyt Sherman Place ticket office, or online at, and all seating is general admission.

The awards will be hosted by Maxwell Schaeffer of KIOA radio and Jackie Schmillen of KCWI-TV. Expect plenty of great entertainment, and likely some performances from nominated artists and shows.

The Social Club is hosting the Nominations Party, and that will be held on Thursday, August 10 at 6:30 pm. This party will be free and open to the public, and since nobody in the area has any other theatre shows scheduled for that night, there's a good chance a lot of performers and patrons will be there as well! Come meet, greet, and celebrate with the nominees!

And if you can't make it, or just want to follow along, the Cloris Awards now has a page on Facebook you can follow, and get all the information you need there!


Img 06777-11 Theatre Project


Ten years ago, local director and producer Thatcher Williams had an idea to hold a unique festival. Different theatrical troupes would enter a juried competition, where they would have to come up with a totally original 7-to-11 minute presentation, quickly... and they wouldn't find out the setting or the style until a week before the production! Immediate, challenging, and wildly inventive, the 7-11 Theatre Project was born.

The festival has passed into the hands of the Goldfinch Theatre Company, based at the Viking Theatre at Grand View College, which has been the home of the 7-11 Project for a number of years. If you want to be involved, or if you just want to see the amazingly creative results of this year's endeavors, here are the dates to know:


**Troupe Registration Opens:  Tuesday, July 11

**7-11 Reveal and Kickoff: Friday, September 15

**7-11 Competition Performances: Friday and Saturday, September 22 and 23

**7-11 Select and Awards: Sunday, September 24

If you've ever wanted to be more involved in theatre but couldn't spare all the time involved, here's a chance to change that. If you want to create, go make some theatre at the 7-11 Theatre Project!!!


Img 0298Scriptease 

With the creation of the new Iowa Stage Theatre Company, some people wondered what would happen to StageWest's long-running staged-reading series Scriptease. Well, it's definitely going to continue, and with some interesting things on the horizon.

First, Scriptease is moving, both time and venue. Starting with the July event, they will now be presenting their shows at The Basement Bar beneath the Kum&Go Theatre at the DM Social Club. Patrons will now be able to get refreshments from the cash bar (soda and alcoholic drinks both), plus there is more than ample parking in the area (with a parking ramp right across the street that's free after 5pm!) 

While they'll be keeping the 7pm start time, Scriptease shows will now be held on the 3rd Wednesday of every month. The next show will be on Wednesday July 19, and the presentation will be Constellations by Nick Payne. Seen on Broadway in 2015, this romantic two-hander has been described as "Short and sweet and strangely haunting." More shows will be announced soon to fill out the schedule through the rest of the year. (Oh, and the price is NOT changing. Still a $5 "suggested donation" for each show!)


Img 0676Pecha Kucha

Ok, so it's not quite theatre. A more direct translation of the terms above might be "The sound of Chit-Chat". But I would be remiss if I didn't let people know that the 30th Des Moines Pecha Kucha event has just been announced. It's happening at the DM Art Center on Thursday August 31 at 7:00pm.

At Pecha Kucha (which has been happening at gatherings all over the world for the last few years), local individuals give talks on various topics that interest them, with really only one major rule: each person gets 20 slides for a PowerPoint-like presentation, and each slide is on display for 20 seconds and then you move on to the next one. Topics over the last few months have included everything from genealogy to the gastronomic adventures of the Datebook Diner food critic over the last year to horror movies (and really HORRIBLE horror movies at that!)

If you want more info, check out their FB page for Pecha Kucha Nights Des Moines. Or just go on August 31, the event is free and open to the public.


Lots of stuff going on. It's great to be living in this city, with all the amazing things that are happening all the time, especially with our growing theatre community. And there's talk of a Bizarre Broadway type event happening down the line, which is always a fun night. The Guide will keep you posted on everything happening in the central Iowa theatre world, so get out there and enjoy it all!!!

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