Music Weaver

25d88e63 5896 415b 9fff 35bbfd3f0bbeThe Late-Nite Cabaret at Noce this weekend features local favorite Taylor Anne Weaver, performing for her second time in the theatre-oriented singing slot. Taylor has been incredibly busy this year with a significant number of ventures, and now gets to add one more. And while a great many people know how to sing, few can do it as well or as satisfyingly as Taylor. It’s been a part of her whole life, and this Saturday night she gets to share it again with everyone.

So far this year, Taylor has not only graced the Noce stage with her first cabaret performance, she’s also been incredibly busy around town with other theatre jobs. For instance, over the past year she has been the musical director for two Des Moines Young Artists’ Theatre productions (James and the Giant Peach Jr. and School of Rock).  That started her back on a journey she has come to relish.


Cc9bea7c 710f 458f 8cb7 f2a3a7f046d4“I hadn’t been involved in anything theatre related in years,” says Taylor, “and my dear friend David VanCleave (artistic director of DMYAT) invited me to collaborate with him on these productions. It felt like coming home to a world I didn’t even know I had been missing. I enjoy being involved in every facet of live theatre, both on the performance and the production side. Theatre people are just wonderful, accepting people and it’s so uplifting and satisfying to be part of a collaborative process that leads up to the creation of something beautiful.”


Starting Strands

Taylor was no stranger to the theatre world, especially as a youth. It’s always been a part of her life in some way. “I’ve loved musical theatre for as long as I can remember. I was very fortunate as a child to have a lot of exposure to live theatre, thanks to my parents (especially my mother), who thought it was important for me to be well-rounded and cultured.”


“My first “big role” as a performer was as a lightning bug named Brightly Beam in a church musical called Let Your Light Shine, when I was in second grade (hahaha!) and I was hooked after that.”


“Growing up in the Des Moines area, I took summer classes at the Playhouse, auditioned for shows, and volunteered backstage. Once, I even had a birthday party at the Playhouse! I was an awkward kid with a lot of anxiety, but I always felt like I could be myself around theatre people.”


14c78cde 5bd1 4f93 a136 96505e6eb29e“The theatre was a safe space and a place for me to stretch my creativity without fear of being judged. It makes my heart happy to have come full circle and to bring kiddos from the next generation into the community that I love so much.”



Sharing Her Song

“Teaching is my other passion, and I love teaching classes at the Des Moines Community Playhouse during the summer months.” Taylor continues, “When I was in college, pursuing a degree in vocal performance, I interned at the Playhouse and learned that I really love working with kids and seeing them grow. It was one of the experiences that eventually let me to go back for my master’s degree in education and become a teacher.”


While her initial years of teaching left little time or energy for theatrical pursuits, the call from VanCleave (who knew her from their experiences at the Playhouse) and a bit more life experience led her back to the stage.


“I’m in my third year of teaching fifth grade,” observes Taylor, “so I finally feel like I have my adult responsibilities under control and can spend some time being involved in theatre and singing, which have always been passions of mine.”


In addition to sharing her knowledge and backstage abilities with the students at DMYAT, Taylor has returned to performing onstage for local audiences. In addition to her first cabaret earlier this year at Noce, she was also recently in the cast of Iowa Stage’s inaugural production of Company. Of course, a return to the stage as an actress and singer means discovering anew the essence of theatre.


Company stairs“Talking through questions like, ‘what story are we trying to tell?’ and ‘what is this show really about?’ has been a rewarding challenge as our cast and production team worked towards the vision of a finished product. (Company was) really a story about searching, and about the human condition of needing to feel connected to another person.”


“I just love to sing. It’s one of the few things I usually feel pretty confident about, and it feels good to share music with other people. Theatre is what I do to recharge my batteries. Though doing a show can make me physically exhausted, it energizes my soul.”


Soaring Sensations

And that’s theatre in a nutshell, especially for someone who has had their entire life revolve around it in one form or another. And this weekend, in her second Late-Nite Cabaret performance at Noce, she gets to lift her voice once more and connect with everyone. Taylor has a plan....


“All of my songs for this next cabaret are going to be around the theme of growing up and going through different stages of life. I’ll have a few anecdotes about my own life to share, and maybe even some photos.”


“I usually organize a song list in a way that makes sense to me, and that will allow me to engage with the audience between songs. I’ll have a few guests singing this time, but you will have to come and see it to find out who!”


Please join in experiencing this musical life at the Late-Nite Cabaret with Taylor on Saturday November 11 at Noce. The show starts at approximately 10:30pm (after Noce’s regular show for the evening), with NO cover charge or admission. There is a cash bar, and plenty of great music and fun, so come see and hear the amazing Taylor Anne Weaver this weekend!


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