StageWest Needs Help to Survive

StageWestLogoStageWest Theatre Company has been existing on a month-to-month financial basis for awhile now, and recently put out a call for help.  Funding is needed desperately in order to keep the doors open and stage lit past the month of October.  

Here's the text of a message sent out on the StageWest Facebook group asking for help:  

Dear StageWest Friends and Supporters,

It is with unfortunate urgency that we write you today regarding the future of StageWest Theatre Company. 

Due to lack of sufficient donated funds and sponsorships, our organization is in dire financial distress. Unless we receive immediate support, StageWest Theatre will close its doors within the next month.

As we have shared before every production, StageWest cannot survive on ticket sales alone. Two years ago when we moved to the Des Moines Social Club's Kum & Go Theater, our donations and subscriptions dropped by 40% leaving us with a serious budgetary crisis. While we have worked to find corporate sponsors and responsibly cut expenses without sacrificing quality, our deficit remains a daunting challenge.We need you now. If you value our work and unique voice in the Des Moines theatre community, here's what you can do to help:

1.Donate No gift is too small... or too large. You may click on the BOOK NOW  to the upper right of this page and you will be directed to our website where you can give us a financial gift using PayPal 
Mail a check to:  
StageWest Theatre Co.
900 Mulberry St. Ste. 205    
Des Moines, IA, 50309                                                                   
2. Call your friends, family and community leaders and ask them to financially support our mission of providing bold, contemporary theatre. Be an advocate for StageWest and the important work we're doing in Central Iowa.Des Moines deserves bold, contemporary, cutting-edge theatre. StageWest is the only place you will find it.  Please donate today and thank you for your past support.


Dave Miglin                                         Todd Buchacker
Board of Directors, President               Producing Artistic Director             
Ron Lambert 
Founding Artistic Director

If you can help at all, I ask you to do so.  StageWest (and its previous incarnation as the Drama Workshop) has been a vital and important part of the Des Moines theatre community for many years, and other than the Playhouse they were, for quite a while, the only other "game in town" for straight drama and adventurous stage experiences.  Living in a small town about an hour away when I was growing up, they were the "go to" organization for many new and different shows that didn't have any other venue here in central Iowa.  We have almost an embarrassment of riches these days, but that counts StageWest as one of those valuable gems that should continue and thrive.  Please help if you can.

Ron Lambert Dave Miglin Todd Buchacker StageWest