The Spring 10

Spring 10Winter weather barely showed up this past year, which really just gave all of us the chance to get out and see more great Iowa theatre. Now Spring is here, bringing with it opportunities to experience a whole new slate of shows. Here are some of the must-see presentations, hidden gems, and other theatre events you may not be aware of... yet! Plus.. a birthday party??


The list below features ten different shows/events from ten different organizations, testifying to the amazing wealth of talent and ability found in the area, if only you look (or just use the Gentle Guide.) Here's some of what is springing up(!) on central Iowa stages this season....


10 - One Actor, One Writer, One Week
Now entering its 5th year, 1AWW pairs up actors and writers at random. The pair then has just one week to combine their creative forces into a 3 to 7 minute monologue, which is performed in a showcase at the Stoner Studio Theatre inside the Civic Center. You never know what kind of piece you will see next, whether funny or sad or surprising. The kickoff/pairings happen on Monday March 27th, while the showcase is one-night-only on Monday April 3rd.


9 - A Delightful Quarantine
A suburban neighborhood is under lockdown, due to a potential "invasion". What happens when friends, family, and even strangers are suddenly forced together? Joys, heartaches, and secrets are shared with unexpected results. Ankeny Community Theatre presents this large ensemble comedy/drama from March 24 - April 9.


8 - Steel Magnolias
Welcome to Truvy's Beauty Salon, and meet six of the strongest and most unlikely friends you'll find south of the Mason-Dixon Line. Share the laughter, gossip, trials, and heartfelt love of these women in this Des Moines Playhouse mainstage production, running from June 2 - 18.


7 - Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
It's a con-man competition in this musical comedy. Based on the Steve Martin-Michael Caine movie, the pairing of a classy swindler and a street-wise grifter leads to an ever-building rivalry of criminal proportions.  The con is on for ACTORS in Ames, June 9 - 25.


6 - Little Women - the Musical
VEISHEA may have disappeared from the Ames landscape a few years ago, but the traditional spring musical from ISU Theatre continues. This year's production is Little Women - the Musical, based on the classic novel by Louisa May Alcott. Performances are at the Fisher Theatre at the Iowa State Center in Ames, starting March 31 and running until April 9.


5 - See Rock City (and other destinations)
Cross-cross the country to see the most interesting tourist spots in the USA... and meet the most interesting people. Drake's theatre department presents musical stories from sea to shining sea. Plan your trip for April 27th through the 30th.


4 - Women Playing Hamlet
Playing the part of Shakespeare's Hamlet is challenging enough. But it becomes even more difficult when everyone is telling you that you're too young, too inexperienced, and too... female. Trying "to be" when the world seems to prefer you "not to be" is the question poised in this comedy presented by Tallgrass Theatre Company from March 31 to April 15.


3 - Iowa High School Musical Theatre Awards Showcase
Mark your calendar for June 5th to see the best of the best. Iowa's teen musical theatre talent gather on the Civic Center stage for one amazing evening. Individual, ensemble, and large group performances culminate in the announcement of two students who will represent our state in the National Showcase in New York City. Almost 500 performers showed off their incredible skills last year, and the 2017 edition should be even bigger and better.


2 - The Last Five Years
Whether you're a huge fan or have never heard of this amazing musical, I recommend you make certain you attend this show. The combination of composer Jason Robert Brown's fantastic score, the intimate venue of Noce, and the incomparable talent of Max Wellman and Katy Merriman is not to be missed. Check it out June 2 - 11.


1 - Taming of the Shrew
RTI's annual Shakespeare on the Lawn presentation is one of the most unique shows of the year. Staged outdoors in the garden and grounds of Salisbury House, both the intimacy and grandeur of the Bard's work is showcased. Grab a spot under the open sky June 15 - 18.


And the bonus event for Spring is... a Shakespeare Soirée. On Sunday April 23, join the Des Moines Young Artists' Theatre for their annual free event, celebrating Shakespeare's birthday and announcing their upcoming season.


You can find all these shows on the Gentle Guide calendars (and plenty more that have recently been added for the DM Playhouse, Iowa Stage, the Civic Center, and others!) So get out there to experience all the wonderful theatre found in the area this Spring!!!

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