The Winter 10

Img 0360It’s about to turn chilly again here in Iowa, which is one more excuse to find a nice comfy theatre and go see a show! Here at the Gentle Guide, we’ve scanned the next three wintery months to find some of the performances you just might want to start making plans to see. There’s a large variety, from musicals and parodies, to dramas both classic and new. No matter what you’re interested in, there’s something you’ll love coming up in central Iowa.

The best part of this list? For most of these shows, the ticket prices are relatively inexpensive. And some of them are even free! And you can’t beat this kind of entertainment, so support all these local theatre groups and let them know how much you enjoy their shows!!!


Onward with the winter list:


4bc33678 5c86 413e 92db 0c2847db2c4c10 – Mauritius

DMACC Ankeny presents this dramatic dark comedy about two half-sisters who inherit a stamp collection, which happens to contain one of the rarest stamps in the world from the country of Mauritius. Their struggles and conflict about how to best profit from their windfall, and others who would use the situation to their own advantage, make for both tension and dark humor. As author Teresa Rebeck puts it, her plays are about “betrayal and treason and poor behavior. A lot of poor behavior.” Performances begin March 2 at the Black Box Theatre on the DMACC Ankeny campus, and you can reserve FREE tickets by emailing


392449fa 66f1 4a7b b798 17c97303ee4b9 – The Murder Room

ACTORS in Ames presents this comedy spoof of classic mysteries. An unfaithful spouse, an olde English country estate, secret rooms and trap doors, and questions of who did what and to whom, make for an evening of farcical comedy and laughs. The Murder Room invites you in starting January 26 at the ACTORS Studio in Ames.


Db2115e0 607e 4adf b77e 992064f471098 – Mame

“Life is a banquet, and most poor fools are starving to death!” Newton Community Theatre gives us one of the best classics of American musical theatre. Filled with wonderful songs and larger-than-life characters, you can’t go wrong with one of the great musical leads ever put on a stage. Join Mame and her incredible life beginning March 9 at the YMCA Theatre in Newton.


477f532b 4d67 4dd0 a130 dd9bbf437cd97 – A View From the Bridge

Another classic, this time from renowned playwright Arthur Miller. Iowa Stage continues their tradition of performing the best shows theatre can offer with this tale of loyalty, fear of those different from us, and the choices made in the heat of the moment. Starting Friday February 23, A View From the Bridge will be presented at the Kum & Go Theatre at the Des Moines Social Club.


D6a0e059 14e5 4137 b118 5e008be7c34d6 – Stop Kiss

This stellar drama is the Fifth Annual Dream Project presentation from Tallgrass Theatre Company. While previous Dream Projects have been performer-based, Stop Kiss is actually a Designer-led project, featuring Ty Klobassa and Erica Spiller. Jumping time frames and settings, this show is a wonderful mosaic view into a developing relationship, and how one incident can change everything. Performances begin January 19 at the Rex Mathes Auditorium.


B93b4c84 fae2 4c37 9891 dfa180966ee75 – I Never Saw Another Butterfly

Des Moines Young Artists’ Theatre presents their drama for the season, a look at a Jewish concentration camp in German-occupied Czechoslovakia. Over 15,000 children passed through the camp, and when it was finally liberated only about a hundred were still alive. Butterfly tells their story, and of how those who survived were able to find hope in one of mankind’s darkest hours. I Never Saw Another Butterfly will be performed starting February 9 at the Stoner Studio Theatre at the Civic Center.


Ee896952 bd9c 4025 9dde db91eb6360fa4 – Almost, Maine

The most performed play in the country makes its way onto the Ankeny Community Theatre stage. Presented as a series of vignettes taking place in one evening in the small town of Almost, Maine, love and laughter (and perhaps a few tears) are all part of the lives of these various residents. You will likely find someone in the show who reminds you of yourself, or someone you love, in this heartfelt show. There’s a reason it’s this popular… go find out why, starting February 9.


Df50777a 2214 41c9 9be3 94631f458a663 – Misery

The Stephen King novel and movie is now a gripping and taut story for the stage, winning numerous awards. The Des Moines Playhouse brings this tale of suspense to our city for the first time, putting audiences on the edge of their seats. The thrill ride begins January 26 on the mainstage at the DM Playhouse.


C672e6b9 a29a 4fbc b155 9bfffcd62f1b2 – Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Kata Klysmic Productions is back again with another wonderfully outrageous musical show, this time telling the tale of performer Hedwig and his band “The Angry Inch”. Showing his journey through a sex-change operation and his life from East Germany into the world beyond, Hedwig is a unique and wholly amazing experience, told through superb music and memorable characters. Shows are at The Garden Nightclub starting Friday February 23.


6a25438e 9141 438c 8601 4df4dff9fddb1 - UTOPIA

Composer/playwright Robert John Ford and his Epic Stage Productions move into their new home at Mainframe Studios downtown with the newest incarnation of UTOPIA. A musical love letter to all things Iowa, the open-ended run of this hilarious cabaret-style show begins January 11. This is an all-new production, with original parodies and up-to-now commentary on current events and Iowa values, all set to make you laugh and enjoy. 


5f2b2739 5cff 4af6 b4aa 4861a386c666BONUS – Broadway Karaoke at Noce

This is one of the monthly recurring highlights on my personal calendar. With no cover charge, a cash bar, and some of the very best voices in the area singing nothing but showtunes for a couple of hours, Broadway Karaoke is a musical theatre lover’s dream. You can’t beat the entertainment value and the amazing variety, and you’re welcome to become a part of it all, or just sit back and enjoy. Next week for the holiday this will be my featured article on the Guide, so if you want to know more check out the story, and then come join us at the next party, late-nite on the last Saturday of the year, at Noce!!!

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