Inside the Production

Here you will find articles, interviews, and information about the people and shows coming up in central Iowa.

  • The Rocky Horror Show 2018

    Rocky Horror 2018 Kata KlysmicHow do you reinvent something that subverted expectations in the first place? That’s the goal of Kata Klysmic Productions latest endeavor, their yearly October “tradition” of presenting The Rocky Horror Show. And since I’ve often described Kata Klysmic as “the most subversive theatre group in town”, you can bet there will be some very creative and surprising elements in this year’s presentation.

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  • Noises Off!

    F52cb1ae 5b1b 430b b824 08fe37cbd7d6One of my favorite comedic shows is the “play within a play” Noises Off! Newton Community Theatre is presenting their version of this wonderful romp for two weekends beginning October 12. A classic farce about putting on a show called Nothing On, there are mistaken identities, prop problems, and a set that is almost the star of the show itself. 

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  • Billy Elliot

    2819f03c 7b8e 47a3 839c 81c705df5dbfAfter a summer away from home, the Des Moines Playhouse starts their centennial season with a production of the musical Billy Elliot. It’s about a boy who loves to dance, and how he deals with friends and family who don’t necessarily share his dreams. Opening October 5, it’s the first show in the newly remodeled mainstage space at the Playhouse, which is the culmination of even more dreams.

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  • Fun Home

    Fun Home artworkIowa Stage kicks off their second season next week with a production of Fun Home. Winner of the 2015 Tony Award for Best Musical, it is a surprising show of emotional depth and richness of character. Told as a memory play, it is the true story of author/artist Alison Bechdel and her years growing up. We see her at three different ages, examining her own coming of age and her relationship with her family.

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  • The Fall Dozen for 2018

    95c3fe5e 4193 4c3d 9ae5 fc6ba2585347It’s time for another preview of the coming fall theatre season in the area. Here’s some of the fantastic productions you might want to check out coming soon! With everything from farce to  mystery to award-winning musical and drama, you’ll find it here at the Guide. Go enjoy it all!!!

    Here’s what’s happening locally in the next few months:

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  • 7-11 Theatre Project 2018

    A4b04895 b7f0 4cd1 bbfd c68960c052d1The 7-11 Theatre Project is now over a decade old, and still surprising people. Various groups sign up for the event, and they get a week to create a completely new, original theatre piece on a brand new set they’ve never seen before, performed in competition for prizes and awards.

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  • Death of a Salesman

    0297e7dc f2ee 441c b10a 8942f7f74118A “classical education” is a bit of a cliché, but here’s a theatrical twist on it. Opening next weekend is Death of a Salesman from Roosevelt Repertory Theatre, a new group made up of Roosevelt High School teachers, students, and other creative individuals from the area. Birthed out of their Advanced Theatre class, it’s a chance to explore this incredible play from a variety of points of view and experience levels.

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  • Setting the Standards

    209ae16c 4abb 455e 9b74 d0f1a1ad9d5bThis weekend is the annual Cloris Awards ceremony, spotlighting the best of community theatre in Central Iowa. While it’s a great time to gather and celebrate the amazing productions and talent that have graced local stages over the past year, it’s also a time to join together, reflect, and plan for the future. There’s one project in particular that all theatre organizations in the area will hopefully address, to make certain that our quality and growth continues.

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